Flower Hanging and Care

Flower hanging FAQs

How do I hang my flowers? 

All flowers and butterflies come with hanging hardware (D rings) attached on the back.  All you need is a picture hanging hook, a screw, or a nail to hang off of! If hanging in a covered outdoor space, I like to drive my screws in at a 45 degree angle so the flowers cannot easily slip off of the screw on a windy day.  Although the flowers are lightweight, I do not recommend any adhesive hooks or suction cup hooks, as they tend to fail over time.  If hanging on a rail or lattice, zip ties are also a quick and easy way to hang.

Where can I hang my flowers?

All flowers and leaves are made of paper and wire, the same way they are traditionally crafted for New Orleans’ Mardi Gras parades.  They are not waterproof and should be kept safe from rain and direct sun.  They can be hung indoors, or outdoors under covered patios (so long as they are safe from the elements).  If you are designing your own house float and feel you need to hang them in an uncovered outdoor space, you aren’t alone!  Many choose to do this – but just be aware that the flowers won’t last as long if hung in the ‘rain zone’, perhaps just a season or two depending on weather.

Help! I can’t decide what flowers are right for my space!

Designing flower arrangements for events and homes is one of my favorite things about being a mardi gras artist! Please get in touch for design advice; I’m always happy to help pick out the right flowers for a space.